Response from MPP Hogarth re: Bill 229, Schedule 6

In response to our letter sent to MPP Hogarth in regards to our concerns over Bill 229, Schedule 6, sent January 5th, MPP Hogarth replied on January 12 with the following response. Dear Members of the Mimico Residents Association, I would like to thank the Association for this email. We’ve heard through numerous discussions with municipalities, developers and citizens, that…

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Letter to MPP Hogarth re: Schedule 6 of Bill 229

We sent a letter to MPP Christine Hogarth, copying Premier Doug Ford, MPP Andrea Horwath, MP James Maloney, Councillor Mark Grimes, MPP Jeff Yurek, MPP John Yakabuski and MPP Steve Clark at our concern and disappointment about the passing of Schedule 6 of Bill 229 and its impact on Conservation Authorities. 2021-01-05 MRA Letter to MPP Hogarth Bill 229 (2)…

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Christie's Seconady Plan Site Map

Christie’s Planning Study Responses from the City of Toronto

We have been liaising with the City of Toronto in regards to the Christie’s Planning Study, which is being conducted simultaneously, and with consideration from, the development of the Park Lawn Lake Shore Transportation Master Plan. City staff recently presented the draft Secondary Plan, Zoning By-law, and Urban Design and Streetscape Guidelines for the Christie’s site to City Council, which…

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Councillor Grimes’ response to Mimico cyclist death and ML Ready Mix

Councillor Grimes provided a response to our letter about the tragic death of a cyclist on November 26th, reflecting on actions taken on road safety and provided an update on ML Ready Mix’s move. Letter to the Mimico Residents Association – November 26 ML Ready Mix Update

Letter to Councillor Grimes and Mayor Tory re: Cyclist Death and ML Ready Mix

On November 23rd, the Mimico Residents Association sent a letter detailing our concern over the cyclist death in Mimico after a fatal collision with a truck from ML Ready Mix. The letter is attached to this email and text is also copied below. November 23, 2020 Councillor Mark Grimes Toronto City Hall 100 Queen Street West Toronto, Ontario M5H 2N2…

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MRA Letter Re: Support Our Charter Rights and Freedoms

SENT September 11, 2018 Christine Hogarth Etobicoke-Lakeshore MPP Sent by email to: Re: Call from Mimico residents to support our Charter Rights and Freedoms Dear MPP Hogarth, The Mimico Residents Association (“the MRA”), wishes to express our concern regarding Premier Ford’s stated intention to take the unprecedented step of invoking the notwithstanding clause of the Charter of Rights and…

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Response From Councillor Grimes Re: Better Local Government Act

We recently sent letters to both MPP Christine Hogarth and Councillor Mark Grimes sharing our concers and asking they support an evidence-based process, including consultation with Toronto residents, on any changes to the number of Toronto City Councillors. We have recieved the response below from Councillor Grimes. MPP Hogarth is yet to respond. Thank you for your letter and expressing your concerns…

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MRA Letters Re: Better Local Government Act

Today we sent two letters to our local representatives regarding the tabling of the Better Local Government Act by the Government of Ontario.   SENT: Jul 30, 2018 Christine Hogarth Etobicoke-Lakeshore MPP Sent by email to: Re: Implications of the ‘Better Local Government Act’ Dear MPP Hogarth, On behalf of the Mimico Residents Association (“the MRA”), this letter formally documents our…

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Response From Councillor Grimes Re Traffic Safety in Mimico

In June we sent a letter to Councillor Grimes regarding the the road safety after two people were seriously injured by drivers in Mimico. Since that letter Councillor Grimes had worked with the us, and other stakeholders in Mimico, to put forward two successful motions at the July session of the Etobicoke York Community Council. The first is a comprehensive…

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MRA Letter Re Traffic Safety in Mimico

SENT: June 27, 2018 Councillor Mark Grimes Toronto City Hall 100 Queen Street West Toronto, Ontario M5H 2N2 Re: Traffic Safety in Mimico Dear Councillor Grimes, I am writing to you on behalf of the Mimico Residents Association (MRA) to formally request that the feasibility of additional initiatives to promote traffic safety in Mimico be further assessed. This issue…

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