Announcing: The Mimico Pet Mayor Election!

This fall, our community will face a very important election. The competition will be fierce, and the results will help shape the next four years of life in Mimico.

We mean, of course, the very first Mimico Pet Mayor election!

We are very excited to announce that nominations are now open for the Mimico Pet Mayor election, the first election of its kind in our community. We are inviting all of the dogs, cats, rabbits, geckos, snakes, and pets of any kind who live in Mimico to throw their hats (or leashes) into the ring as a candidate (note: we expect their human owners may need to help them type up the nomination form).

We will be accepting nominations until August 19th. Nominees must live in Mimico and be a domesticated pet – sorry, no wild coyotes in this contest.

After nominations close, we will publish the nominees on our website. We will also bePhoto of Duke, the Dog Mayor, a large white dog with a top hat and a medallion that says "Mayor" hosting at least one “meet and greet” event in the fall so voters can get to know our contestants.

In October, we’ll open up ballots for all Mimico residents to cast their votes. Voting will close and a winner announced on October 24th, just like all the other municipal races.

The winner will be declared the Supreme Overlord Pet Mayor of Mimico, with all the rights and responsibilities that entails! (Get it? En-tails?)

To nominate your pet, please fill out this form no later than 11:59pm on Friday, August 19th. Here is a direct link to the form for those using screen readers:

Good luck to all of our pet contestants, we look forward to an exciting race!

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