About the MRA

The MRA Mandate is essentially to communicate with Mimico residents, keep you informed of local events and issues, and help improve Mimico by supporting activities that enhance the quality of life in the area.

Balance & Positivity
Sometimes this is a tricky balance because there are many different kinds of people in our community with different priorities. For example, lower income residents who rent apartments may have a different take on higher end businesses or condos coming to the area than home-owners. Seniors and singles have different priorities from families with young children, or families with teenagers.

So rather than taking a hard line on some issues – taking “sides” as a lobby group might – the MRA focusses on keeping all residents informed of the issues and the various opportunities to get involved: as volunteers, in public meetings about development and parks, by coming to local events and encouraging local business. We try to stay positive as much as possible and encourage the good things in our community, rather than just griping about the bad.

Membership & Following
We do have a paid membership – right now it’s about 70 paid members. Membership is $10 a year. A paid membership base gives us a certain amount of political legitimacy and accountability. The MRA is also a registered non-profit so we have to report on our activities and stay financially accountable as well.

However the majority of our “reach” is through our various communication channels like Facebook, our email news list, and this website, all of which have growing following of 500-1000. All these channels are free and open to all in the community and beyond, as we want to share information with everyone, not just our members.

Our Board
Our Board of Directors is the core of the organization, a group of 10-12 that meets once a month to discuss the current issues, decide and delegate on any letters or action that needs to be taken, and to plan upcoming events – for example Party in the Park and our annual Family Halloween Dance. Most often new Board members are recruited by the existing Board, but we welcome applicants from the membership at large who might have a fresh perspective.

Relationship with Politicians
We have a working relationship with the local councillor, MPP and MP, with whom we can address local issues directly, and present a holistic point of view from our interactions in the community. It’s not always productive: sometimes the government gears grind so slowly that issues are mired in bureaucracy, and sometimes we are blocked or shut out because we’ve taken a hard line on something the politicians do not want to discuss. Again, it’s a tricky balance to maintain a positive relationship but still be assertive in advocating for our community.

Get in touch!
If you live in Mimico and you’d like to be more connected and involved in the Mimico community, we encourage you to look for us on Facebook, browse our website and sign up for the E-news that we put out every month or two. If you like what you see, please consider joining the MRA and maybe even becoming a member of our Board!

Our Borders

Map of the MRA BoundariesThe Mimico Residents Association defines our community area as bounded by Lake Ontario to the south, Park Lawn Road to the east, Dwight Avenue or Ourland Avenue to the west, and the Q.E.W. / Gardiner Expressway to the north in the region of Toronto, Ontario.

Our Mandate

  • To promote measures which enhance the character, safety, and environmental viability of the Mimico area.
  • To promote and enhance the quality of residential and economic life in and around the Mimico area.
  • To promote and maintain a sense of community within the Mimico area by informing and engaging residents and respecting the diversity of people in the Mimico area.
  • To undertake or support projects requiring or benefiting from community support which are intended to advance the above objectives.
  • To oppose measures which diminish the above.

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